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Allianz Global Coroporate & Speciality SE

Allianz Summary of Cover
Allianz Policy Wording


Beazley Key Facts
Beazley Policy Wording

Claim Forms

PIC Claims Advice Leaflet
PIC Claim Form
Nautical Claim Form
MS Amlin Theft Claim Form
MS Amlin Accident Claim Form
Velos Claim Form
Beazley Claim Form

Euromarine Documents

EIS Key Facts
EIS Policy Wording
EIS Endorsements
EIS-Canopius Liveboard Key facts
EIS-Canopoius Liveboard Policy Wording

MS Amlin

MSAmlin Commercial Proposal Form
MS Amlin Commercial Policy
MS Amlin All Risk Policy
MS Amlin Third Party Only Policy Wordings
MS Amlin Theft Claim Form
MS Amlin Accident Claim Form
MSAmlin Marine Legal Policy Wording
MS Amlin Marine Trade Legal Cover
Amlin Marine Trade Summary of Cover
Amlin Marine Trade Policy Wording

Nautical Insurance Services Documents

Nautical Lloyd's Summary of Cover
Nautical Lloyd's Summary & Policy Wording
Nautical Canal & River Boat Policy Wording
Nautical Canal & River Summary of Cover
Nautical Small Craft Policy Wording
Nautical Small Craft Summary of Cover
Nautical Claim Form

Navigators & General Documents

N&G Canal Policy Wording
N&G Canal Key Facts
N&G Dinghy Policy Wordings
N&G Small Craft Key Facts
N&G Small Craft Policy Wording
N&G Yahct & Motorboat Policy Wording
N&G Yacht & Motorboat Key Facts

Northern Marine Underwriters (NMU)

NMU(Nuptune)-Key Facts
NMU (Neptune)-Policy wording
NMU (Neptune)-Policy wording

Porthcawl Insurance Consultants Ltd Documents

PIC Claim Form
PIC Owners Condition Report
PIC Allianz Key Facts & Policy Wording (General)
PIC Allianz Jet Ski Key Facts & Policy Wordings
PIC MS Amlin All Risk Policy Wording
PIC Proposal Form
Type of Cover & FAQ
PIC Amlin Third Party Policy
PIC Company Key Facts
PIC Terms of Business (TOB)

Velos Insurance Services Ltd

Velos Commercial Policy Wordings
Velos Plain Language Policy Wordings


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