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Our Jet Ski/Jet Bike policies ensure you are fully covered in the event of an accident. PIC can cater for all usage and all budgets.

We can cover most Jet Ski/Jet Bikes for private use, we are unable to offer terms for commercial use. Our Jet Ski Plans offer to following benefits:

  • £3 Million Liability cover for you and any person navigating or in charge of your vessel with your permission
  • Water Skiing Liability (included as standard)
  • Water Toys Liability (can be added if required)
  • 12 Months in Commission (if required)
  • Cover for all risks of accidental, physical loss or damage to your vessel and the property described in your Certificate of Insurance
  • "Agreed Value" or "Market Value" insurance…… the choice is yours
  • Salvage and removal of wreck charges


Our policy covers the specified vessel subject to the following additional warranties and terms:

NOTE: ‘In Use ‘ means any period the vessel is temporarily away from the home address for the purpose of being used on the water, including whilst in direct transit between the home address and the place of use.

  1. It is warranted that :
    • the vessel is used for private pleasure purposes only.
    • the vessel is kept in a lock-fast and secure RESIDENTIAL garage at all times when not in use (unless agreed by PIC).
    • all drivers are aged 18 years and over unless notified to and agreed by PIC
    • all drivers are experienced in handling vessels of this type and power.
    • the vessel is not used in areas where personal watercraft are prohibited.
    • the vessel is not left afloat unmanned at any time.
    • where fitted to the vessel the ‘dead man's handle' is in operation at all times.
  2. This policy excludes loss or damage caused by:
    • theft of the vessel and/or equipment when not in use, unless occurring as a result of violent and forcible entry to a lock-fast and secure RESIDENTIAL garage. The vessel must be locked to the trailer and the trailer must be fitted with a wheel clamp.
    • theft of the vessel and/or equipment when in use and left unattended,(including whilst in transit) unless the vessel is locked to the trailer and the trailer is fitted with a wheel clamp.
    • ingestion of any foreign object or substance into the mechanics of the vessel.
    • launching and/or beaching under power.
  3. There is no cover under this policy for stunt, surf racing and/or white water use.
  4. The limit of Liability under Section 2 of the policy booklet is as stated in the schedule.

THEFT – Basis of Settlement.

Deductions not exceeding one third of the agreed value may be made for wear and tear and/or depreciation.


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